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Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

September 16, 2010 by Randy Rodgers · 24 Comments · 21st Century Skills, BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge

The BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge is back! This time, it is packaged with a creative, new title: The Revenge of the 12 Second Tech Challenge. For those who haven’t participated, the process is simple. I’ll post and share a short video (You can probably guess how short.) that either prompts you for a response or challenges you to complete a task, such as trying out a new technology tool. At the end of the challenge, which could be as soon as a few weeks or as long a few months, participants will be entered into drawings for prizes that are actually quite cool (e.g. class video cameras, graphics tablets, etc.). The number of times you will be entered is based upon the amount of participation, which is easy to document. Sooo, let’s start off quite easily, so those of you who are not regular blog readers or comment-writers can get the hang of things. This one should just take a few minutes. Watch the video below, then answer the question it poses by leaving a comment in the space that follows. We’ll start by trying to hash out just what “21st Century Skills” really are.

Revenge of the BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge on

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  • Randy Rodgers

    Remember, write it in your OWN words! No Googling! :)

    • KerriH

      Creativity: using the tools you are given and thing outside the box to produce and end result. This promotes thinking and action.

    • Deborah Bowman

      Creativity is making something from my own ideas using available tools to accomplish my desired result.

  • Scott Eager

    Creativity is a term we use to describe the ability a person has to create something “more,” not necessarily to create something out of nothing, but to create something different from what was there before, to enhance, change, or develop something so that it exceeds it’s previous expectation(s) or purpose. :)

  • Patricia Neighbors

    Creativity: Our ability to see our world through our own unique set of senses and then respond to that world in a way that in meaningful to us.

  • Susan Stevens

    Creativity to me is producing something new and different, I know it when I see it!

  • RSparks

    Creativity….ability to think unique and innovative ideas.

  • Monica A

    Creativity-something new or unique created through your own imagination

  • Joe LaFarge

    Creativity is the process that a living organism uses to make something beautiful

  • Michelle Hughes

    Creativity- the ability to take a set of items or a situation and by looking at it in a different way creating something most others wouldn’t think of creating. Those that possess this elusive trait are ofter envied for their ability to work outside of the box.

  • Ginger

    Creativity is the use of your imagination to create a unique response or result.

  • Lauri Mahoney

    Creativity is the ability to make something new and original or envision a concept in a new and original way.

  • Kim Horne

    Creativity: being original and unique when expressing thought and/or ideas.

  • Mary

    Creativity is using your talents to change or make something special.

  • Darla Sawyer

    Creativity is finding a way to solve a problem when a conventional way won’t work.

  • Lisa McCulloch

    Creativity: The ability to make something new and unique to serve a useful purpose.

  • Kara Abbott

    Creativity is when you use your imagination to its fullest in everything you are challenged with to produce a result.

  • Randy Rodgers

    Regina Austin left this one on the 12 Second TV site. Thanks, Regina…

    Creativity is finding a new way to process new ideas and kind of invent new and better ways of doing things to do something new

  • Vicky Brower

    Creativity is the unique use of design, words or things that produces an original outcome. (I have not read anyone else’s definition, consulted a dictionary, or google or the like.) VB = )

  • Denise Jones

    Creativity are the moments of inspiration that allow you to make a leap into a new world.

  • Rhonda J.

    Creativity using your own learning style and any supplies or materials then coming up with something that is yours.

  • Anna Khalil

    To create something is like a cat chasing it’s tail; you have to see something that has always been there and view it differently to initiate the creative process.

  • Teresa Bowman

    For those of us who are right-brain thinkers, this is our favorite part of the day.

    Making something from our thoughts and ideas that is either a physical product or idea to share with others and makes the others think. It is unique to each person and will not look the same with everyone.

  • janeterlinger

    Creativity: Here are my definitions:
    1) To create, to make, or to envision something in a way that is outside the norm.
    2) It is the use of standards in an unstandard way. 3) Creativity is the Maverick of existance.

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