Unique New Social Networking Idea

Thanks to my Twitter friends, I recently found Weblin, a social networking site that has a different approach. Weblin users download a small piece of software that enables them to create a personal avatar that bears a resemblance to a Second Life character. Once activated, the avatar is present at the bottom of the browser screen as users surf the web. As sites are visited, if other users are on the same page, their avatars will be seen. They can then talk via speech balloons publicly, or engage in private chat. Additionally, the site has features that allow users to use their accounts to post to sites such as Digg, Del.icio.us, Furl, etc. It will likely be awhile before enough users are signed up to make encounters commonplace, but it is an interesting take on networking, as it puts users together based upon common browsing habits. If anyone registers, my avatar is Randy2.0. Say hello, if you see me!


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